Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Lawn Vacuums are specialized yard maintenance
equipment. They are designed specifically to remove
leaves and litter from yards and lawns. Many riding lawn
mowers can be converted to work as
lawn vacuums. If
your property has a lot of deciduous trees on it then you
really need
lawn vacuums come fall when all the leaves
come tumbling down. Most units of government no
longer allow you to burn your leaves due to air pollution
concerns so you must rake and bag them up to be
hauled away. This can mean the loss of two or more
weekends each fall just to gather leaves.
lawn vacuums
on the other hand, can in a matter of an hour or two
complete the task including bagging process. Many
landowners also save money by creating their own
mulch using leaves and grass clippings.
Lawn vacuums
in conjunction with a lawn mower will facilitate this effort
by chopping the mulch material as it is picked up thereby
accelerating the mulch processes.

Lawn vacuums basically come in different forms. The
most common
lawn vacuums are built as a trailer that is
pulled behind a lawn tractor. A powerful blower is located
at the front of the trailer that blows air and vacuumed
material into the enclosed trailer. A suction tube is
connected to the lawn mowers discharge chute. As the
lawn tractor cuts the lawn or leaves up they are blown
back to the vacuums blower then into the
lawn vacuums

Lawn vacuums models also include walk behind models
that have a suction chute located at the front of it. As you
pass over yard debris it is sucked up and deposited into
a bin or set of barrels. These yard vacuums are primarily
designed for leaf removal.
Lawn vacuums really shine
when it comes to cleaning up last summer flower garden
that is choked with dead material and leaves.

lawn vacuums are designed to automatically
deposit yard debris into paper or plastic bags for easy
curbside pickup. Many newly designed walk behind
neatly fold up for storage after use. Considering
that you can do four days of work in a matter of hours,
lawn vacuums are a good investment for a homeowner
that wants to do more than rake leaves on the weekend.

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