Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
The wet dry vacuum has the ability to remove almost all
the particulate material found in the air. When the vacuum
is operating the suction collects dust, dirt, allergens,
mold and pathogens in the canister then the material is
captured in the water preventing any particulates from
escaping into the air through the
wet dry vacuum
exhaust. In fact some wet dry vacuum are so efficient that
they are used as an power air cleaner. Through the use of
wet dry vacuum your house or office will not only have
clean floor surfaces but have clean healthy air as well. If
you have asthma or severe allergy problems you may
want to consider purchasing a
wet dry vacuum.

wet dry vacuum is frequently used in industrial
locations that produce high levels of dust that is harmful
to the people working there. The removal of asbestos
materials from old buildings creates very hazardous dust
that can permanently damage workers lungs and eyes.
The use of a
wet dry vacuum during the removal process
captures asbestos fibers from the air and from work
surfaces. This is also a location where the use of a quality
wet dry vacuum can be used as an air cleaner to protect
the environment. In addition
wet dry vacuums are used
where sterile conditions are required during the
manufacturing process. Many electronic manufactures
require a very clean environment to assure contaminants
do not end up in the finish product. Without the use of
wet dry vacuum technology manufacturing would be
more difficult.

wet dry vacuum has an additional feature that let you
suck up liquid spills from surfaces. Spills of non
flammable liquids can quickly be removed and deposited
outside or down the sink. Many construction contractors
use a
wet dry vacuum to do final clean up within newly
constructed housing. Dry wall dust and some cases
concrete dust removal is easily done with a
wet dry
. Power is important when selecting a wet dry
vacuum. If you are going to use your
wet dry vacuum to
remove liquids and a regular basis then you will certainly
want to select a high amperage model that has the power
to lift heavy liquids. In addition you should select a
dry vacuum
that has a larger canister that contains
enough volume to handle liquids. Basically no matter
what the task a good quality
wet dry vacuum will do the


Wet Dry Vacuum