Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners are known today as the best
vacuum cleaners the consumers may find on the market.
They are made in the USA and are being followed by a
wide range of loyal customers. Each product that the
company introduces is considered exceptional. No
vacuum cleaner made by Simplicity will ever be
considered as ordinary.

The company does not rely on adding gadgets and other
gizmos in order to come up with the best vacuum
cleaners. It lives to what its name implies: ‘Simplicity’.
What the designers and engineers of
Simplicity Vacuum
Cleaners do is scrutinize and enhance every part and
details of their vacuums to come up with reliable and
impressive vacuum models.

Products by
Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners such as the
Simplicity Synergy and other 7850 models offer the best
features which can be found on the upright vacuum
cleaners. These products are well built and they come
with top quality cleaning gears which will ensure top
Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners may cost more
compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market but in
the long run, after proving that they give what they are
paid for, the consumers would come to realize that they
were able to save more due to less hassle and

All vacuum cleaners manufactured by Simplicity are
unbeatable when it comes to absorbing lint and pet hair.
They come with tools which can aid in cleaning up both
the surface and the inner part of the furniture, as well as
the areas around it. Aside from this feature, they can also
adjust their height automatically when transferring from
one floor to another; thus, giving you a convenient and
enjoyable cleaning experience.

The cleaning gears attached to these vacuum cleaners
are made from metal and they are built into the equipment
at key points. The AST system comes with 3 filters: The
electrostatic filter bag, which has three layers; a charcoal
filter, which also has 3 layers and a HEPA filter.
Vacuum Cleaners
’ filter system can filter air around 7
times before exhausting it. Therefore, the dirt will not leak
from the bag. Its HEPA filter should be replaced every
year, as well as its charcoal.

Another impressive feature these vacuum has is it allows
turning off the beater bar brushes when the surface you
are cleaning is hard. The beater bar brushes of the
vacuum are replaceable; therefore, there is no need to
replace the entire if these parts get damaged.

Simplicity can be counted on when it comes to product
stability, quality and reliability.
Simplicity Vacuum
are superior when it comes to performance and
clients can be rest assured that they will get the best
warranties the industry could offer.

Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners