Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Simplicity vacuum cleaners are American made and are
considered to be some of the best vacuum cleaners on
the market today. The Simplicity Synergy and 7850
models have a strong following of loyal customers. The
synergy has some of the best features available on any
upright vacuum cleaner. The only way to purchase a new
Simplicity vacuum cleaner is through an independent
authorized vacuum cleaner dealer. These vacuums are
quality cleaning gear that have metal parts built into them
at key points.
Simplicity vacuum cleaners are more
expensive than many other brands but as they say you
get what you pay for in the long run.

Synergy vacuum cleaners are very well built and features
two motors. The 12 amp suction motor provides lots of
suction for picking up just about any kind of dirt and
dust. The second motor runs the beater bar assuring that
the carpet surfaces are refreshed and new looking. The
Simplicity 7850 also has a 12 amp motor that provides all
the suction necessary to clean any floor surface. All
Simplicity vacuum cleaners really shine when it comes to
handling pet hair and lint. Both models come with a good
set of tools to help in cleaning furniture surfaces and
areas in and around it.

Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners use a bag system to
capture the dirt and dust picked up by the vacuum
cleaner. Simplicity’s AST system features 3 filters.  The 3
layer electrostatic filter bag, a 3 layer charcoal filter and a
state of the art HEPA filter. Simplicity claims that this filter
system filters the air 7 times before it is exhausted from
the vacuum. Obviously this means the dirt, allergen and
dust will stay in the bag where it belongs. It is
recommended that the Charcoal and HEPA filter be
replaced yearly. Another important feature is the ability to
turn the beater bar brush off when cleaning hard floor
surfaces. The beater bar brushes can also be replaced
without replacing the entire unit. In addition the vacuum
automatically adjusts it height when moving from one
floor surface to another. All of which make using
Simplicity vacuum cleaners very convenient.  

Simplicity vacuum cleaners do a good job of cleaning
however the tool system with its short hose is
problematic. When cleaning any slight pull on the hose
causes the vacuum to turn over on its side. You can
purchase an extension hose to solve a portion of this
problem however again any pull of the hose that reaches
the vacuum head pulls the vacuum over. Simplicity
vacuum cleaners have lots of metal parts and as such are
generally heavier than other comparable vacuums. The
most common complaint about
Simplicity vacuum
come from the fact that you have to purchase
replacement bags.  

Customer service from
Simplicity vacuum cleaners is
almost nonexistent, instead it relies on its network of
authorized retailers to handle any problems. Purchasing
parts also must be accomplished through these
independent vacuum cleaner dealers. According to on
line feedback there are very few major complaints
Simplicity Vacuum cleaners. On the contrary
most customers appear to be well pleased with their
vacuum cleaners. Probably the strongest indication of
the quality of
Simplicity vacuum cleaners comes in the
form of its long 4 year warranty. It a company is willing to
warrant its products for an extended period of time it is
very good indication of quality and reliability.

Simplicity Vacuum Cleaners