Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
The shop vacuum may just be the most versatile vacuum
on the market today. You have to love a vacuum whose
size is measured in gallons.
Shop vacuums are being
used in homes and businesses around the world by
every culture. They are even found in the Marine Corp
barracks to keep everything absolutely spotless. Known
as the Shop Vac after that popular brand name it can
clean up just about any mess wet or dry. Some models
will even pump out a flooded basement with ease. They
are fast and very powerful. The
shop vacuums can be
adjusted to handle fine dust, rocks, slime or water with a
simple filter change. The only caution that you should be
aware of is that you should never use a shop vacuum to
clean up flammable liquids. If you own a workshop s
are a tool that you will use everyday. The
powerful motor generates lots of suction power pulling
the dirt into the tube where it is deposited in the bottom of
the tube. If you are doing a particular dusty job you can
place water in the bottom of the shop vacuum and it will
work as a wet dry vacuum.
Shop vacuums are a very
versatile piece of cleaning equipment.

Shop vacuums can be bought in almost any hardware,
home improvement or big box store in the country. They
come in all sizes from one gallon up to more than 20
gallons. Extension hoses and wands will allow you to
reach almost anywhere. You can easily reach more than
12 feet straight up simply by adding additional short three
foot wand extensions. No dirt is safe from a shop
vacuums. There is also a great assortment of tools that
will help tackle any job large or small.
Shop vacuums are
really great for cleaning  out the inside of a car or truck
and with their powerful suction able to suck anything out
of small cracks and holes with little problem.
are generally inexpensive to purchase and are
very durable. They are a great investment that will pay
dividends for years to come. Lets face it you just cannot
shop vacuums for value.


 Shop Vacuums