Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Shark vacuum cleaners, you either love them or hate
Shark vacuum cleaners are known for their
powerful suction when new. They also have a great
reputation for working on wood or tile floors. Features
that please owners of some models include automatic
cord retrieval that makes it simple to pick up the shark
vacuums cord.
Shark vacuum cleaners are also priced
well for the average consumer.

Shark vacuum cleaners appear to have more problems
than most vacuums on the market today. The greatest
number of complaints came from the poor filter design.
When cleaning carpets or areas that have macro
amounts of lint or dog hair the shark vacuum system
quickly becomes clogged causing it to lose most of its
suction power. In addition the filters especially the HEPA
filter is extremely difficult to clean. According the owners
manual, all you have to do to clean the HEPA filter is to
tape it against a waste can. This could not be further from
the truth. Despite repeatedly banging on the filter it still
remained clogged. We finally used a yard blower to
effective clean the
Shark vacuum cleaners filters.

You could not find a worse vacuum to clean rugs then
Shark vacuum cleaner. It appears that the Shark
vacuum cleaners rotating brushes cannot be adjusted to
come in contact with low pile carpets. In addition the lack
of power causes the rotating brushes to stop on longer
pile carpets. Not surprising, the small
Shark vacuum
head quickly clogs up even with loose carpet
dirt. The
Shark vacuum cleaners appear to not have been
designed to clean carpets no matter how small.

Complaints also abound about
Shark vacuum cleaners
customer service or the lack there of. The inability to
reach customer service along with long hold times and
the lack of responses made to the company’s website are
really frustrating. Many customers were vehemently
angry with Shark feeling that they were scammed or
ripped off by this company. Given all the problems with
Shark vacuum cleaners we could not recommend it in
any way or fashion.

 Shark Vacuum Cleaners