Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Commercial Vacuums like the Sanitaire vacuum cleaners
are built and designed for rugged long term use in less
than ideal conditions. They come with powerful motors
that provide the suction needed by a commercial vacuum
cleaner. They also have very high grade Hepa filters to
remove dust, mold, dirt and allergens that are common in
many work environments. They are a favorite choice of
many commercial cleaning companies. For commercial
use the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is hard to beat.

Homeowners have also discovered the advantages of
owning Sanitaire vacuum cleaners. The same qualities
that endear it to commercial cleaners make it ideal for
cleaning your home. They are superior cleaning tools
that exceed the power and durability of ordinary home
vacuum cleaners. Next time you stay in a quality hotel
take time to notice what the cleaning staff is using to
keep these top of line facilities clean. Most likely you will
discover that they are using the Sanitaire vacuum
cleaners to do the job.

Investing in a Sanitaire vacuum cleaner is not only a cost
effective purchase but a great investment in to your home
and the people who live there. The superior filtration
system far exceeds the common home vacuum cleaners
found in most of today’s homes. Special commercial
grade Hepa filters capture almost all the fine particles that
the Sanitaire vacuum cleaners pickup assuring that the
air that leaves the vacuum is clean and free of airborne
allergens and mold. Your home will not only be clean but
also be a healthy place to live when you use Sanitaire
vacuum cleaners.  

You will find that the Sanitaire vacuum cleaners come
with all the tools to do a complete thorough job of
cleaning. Sanitaire powerful 1400 watt motor is built to
commercial standards giving the vacuum plenty of
suction power no matter what tool you use in your
cleaning efforts. The beater bar rotating brush thoroughly
agitates any carpet so the powerful suction will remove
even the most stubborn ground in dirt. It really is hard to
beat Sanitaire vacuum cleaners for cleaning any floor

                        Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners