Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Probably the best kept secret when it comes to cleaning
floors is the
Riccar vacuum cleaners. Manufactured in
Middle America in St James Missouri the company makes
some of the highest quality vacuums that money can
buy. Unlike so many of its competitors that have shifted
production overseas,
Riccar vacuum cleaners makes
strong durable piece of cleaning equipment that is the
best performing vacuum in the world. You will not find
them in the big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart or Sears.
The only place you can purchase them is through one of
there authorized dealers. Most homeowners have never
heard of
Riccar vacuum cleaners.

Riccar vacuum cleaners
are by no means cheap. Costing
between $300 to $1000 they are not purchase by the
average homeowner. However many people feel that they
are however a good investment into your home or office.
A local vacuum cleaner store owner compares the
vacuum cleaner
to a Porsche automobile in terms of cost
and features. The high performance motor and clean air
bypass work with an all metal beater bar roller system
reach deep into the carpet lifting the dirt up and out. The
motor is however very loud which also why the local
vacuum cleaner dealer compares it to a high performance
automobile. He further stated that a lady who loves her
Riccar vacuum cleaner wears ear protection due to the
vacuums loud noise. He also said the lightweight models
were much loader than the heavier more expensive
model.  Riccar vacuums are also lighter in weight and
very maneuverable making them perfect for small stature
adults to use. The filter system on
Riccar vacuum
uses a bag system really keeps the allergens
and dust in the bag. Lets face it bag vacuums beat bag
less vacuum when comes to keeping the air clean in your
home. Many people feel buying bags is a problem but
you can purchase Riccar bags online if you do not want
to purchase them from you dealer.

Over all we felt the
Riccar vacuum cleaners were too
expensive for the average homeowner to purchase. We
watched a demonstration of it cleaning power and were
impressed on how it cleaned carpets. It is light weight
and easy to push around and its bagged filtration system
was excellent. However it is noisy and irritating to be
around when it is running. We were told that the design
that allows the vacuum to clean so well is reason it is so
loud. Basically less air restriction means a more powerful
suction. Never the less it is still louder that we like. If you
have carpets and can afford it the
Riccar vacuum
are just the ticket for getting them clean, just
wear some ear protection while using them.

    Riccar Vacuum Cleaners