Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners are made in America.  Rexair
LLC  of Troy Michigan has been manufacturing the home
vacuum cleaning systems for more than 50 years. The
combination of the
wet dry vacuum provides the best
floor cleaning system in the world. In addition the
Rainbow vacuum cleaner scrubs the air so well that it
can be used as an indoor air cleaner when not cleaning
your house. The
wet dry vacuum in conjunction with the
HEPA filtration system remove all the mold, dirt, dust and
allergens from the units exhaust. The
Rainbow vacuum
will assure that you have a clean and healthy
house that you can be proud of.

You will pay more for
Rainbow vacuum cleaners but over
time you will realize a good return on your investment.
Your Rainbow will exhibit dependability and will endure
domestic use for years to come. Refurbished Rainbow
vacuum cleaners are also a good buy at a greatly
reduced price. You do not sacrifice quality and
dependability when purchasing  rebuilt
Rainbow vacuum

However if you visit the
Rainbow vacuum cleaners
website you will not find any mention of a warranty or
price anywhere. Even though the company has a great
reputation, many people will not call for a demonstration
at their residence if the company does not appear to be
acting in good faith. Although the convenience of having
a demonstration at your residence is a good thing many
people are uncomfortable with an unknown “salesman”
in their house. The days of inviting a door to door
salesman are over in the age of the Internet. However if
you really want to see the real benefit of using a
vacuum cleaner
the best way is in home demonstration.   
Customer feedback and testimonials site excellent
results when using
Rainbow vacuum cleaners. Many
long time owners of the
Rainbow vacuum cleaners will
testify they are the best in the world.

                          Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners