Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Panasonic is a well known company that mostly
specializes in consumer electronics, however it is also
well known for its line of Panasonic vacuum cleaners.
The same expertise that allows the company to produce
excellent consumer electronics has helped it build an
excellent line of upright and canister vacuums that will
clean any surface in your home or office. In addition they
also produce a line of commercial vacuum cleaners at a
very reasonable price. Many people feel that Panasonic
vacuum cleaners are some of the best vacuums on the
market today.

Panasonic vacuum cleaners are know for being light
weight and yet have strong suction power. One owner
commented that he would love to have an Oreck but
considering the price and its lightweight he chose a
Panasonic instead to save money. He was totally happy
with his decision. Panasonic vacuum cleaners feature
many high tech features that are found on many more
expensive vacuum cleaners.  These include automated
adjustments to meet any kind of floor covering. In
addition to its dirt sensors which control suction levels
Panasonic vacuum cleaners also have nice touches like
an automated cord retrieval system.

Panasonic vacuum cleaners upright models feature both
bag less and the more traditional bag models. All models
have excellent filtration technology that includes micron
and HEPA technology. This allows you to not only have a
clean house but a healthy one as well. Panasonics
canister vacuum cleaners add the versatility of being able
to clean under beds, in corners and furniture as well a
cleaning common floor surfaces. Panasonic vacuum
cleaners are not considered heavy duty cleaners but are
designed for light to medium cleaning best suited for an
apartment or small house. None the less Panasonic
vacuum cleaners are designed to do an excellent job of
floor cleaning.

On the downside Panasonic vacuum cleaners are not
considered to be very durable. Many of their plastic parts
are fairly fragile and break easily. Many consumer
reviews speak poorly of parts not fitting together
correctly on new models. Probably the most troubling of
all is the very poor customer service provided when
things do go wrong. The one year warranty apparently
does not cover many of the plastic parts. Many
consumers complain that they cannot get any parts to fix
their vacuums. However there are locations on the
Internet that do handle Panasonic vacuum cleaner Parts.

In summary we would only recommend Panasonic
vacuum cleaners to people who use them for light
cleaning. They are lightweight vacuum cleaners that are
easy to use. However due to the customer service
problems they must be considered a throw away piece of
cleaning equipment. That being when it breaks your best
bet is throw it away and look for another vacuum cleaner
rather than deal with Panasonics customer service. As a
result we can only give Panasonic vacuum cleaners a
two star rating.


                          Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners