Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
The Mastervac vacuum cleaner line offers a wide variety
of vacuum cleaner designs for every situation. Mastervac
is a company that has been in the vacuum cleaner
industry for a long time now. They have consistently
produced valuable vacuum cleaner models as well as
authentic vacuum cleaner parts that have produced
countless satisfied customers. Their vacuum line mostly
includes durable heavy duty vacuums for professional
and industrial use.
Being designed for heavy duty purposes, the
vacuum cleaner
line composes of quality vacuum cleaner
models. Such model includes the Ex-Demonstration
Mastervac 12 and Ex-Demonstration Mastervac Hornet.
Both are tub vacuum models with varying power and
specifications. You can benefit from these models for use
in houses, schools, industrial work places, and on
anywhere where powerful vacuum cleaning is needed.

The Mastervac 12 is a big seller among the
vacuum cleaner
models in doing heavy and constant
work but still retains its durability. This reliable workhorse
is often chosen by contract cleaners and industrial
cleaners for substantial use. Its large 21 liter tank
capacity can accommodate more than the average
industrial vacuum cleaner capacity. It has a powerful
1050 watt cold motor with long life reaching up to 2 to 3
years. The excellent filtration system allows thorough
segregation of materials. This unit also boasts of low
operational noise levels as well as overload protection to
avoid prolonged abuse of the unit. If on rare occasions
maintenance is needed, spare parts of this model can be
easily replaced. Parts are readily available without
needing help from service crew to assemble.

The Mastervac Hornet is another powerhouse among the
Mastervac vacuum cleaner models. Also a heavy favorite,
the Hornet features an ultra powerful 1200 watt motor
with the same long life warranty as the Mastervac 12. The
Hornet possesses excellent noise cancellation features
to give out very minimal noise in operation. Despite its
power, the Hornet is surprisingly lightweight, weighing
only 5.7 kilograms. It is built tough and is hard to topple
thanks to its furniture guard and wheel positioning. The
Mastervac Hornet is appropriate for light to heavy
commercial use, and is capable of cleaning small to
medium sized flooring areas.  

Mastervac vacuum cleaner line also features other
vacuum models for wet vacuum cleaning. The Mastervac
Wetmaster 17 is one model that is capable of both dry
and wet vacuuming. It is so efficient that it could remove
virtually all fluid on a surface in seconds. On dry
vacuuming mode, the Wetmaster does not take any
damage when water is accidentally picked up. Another
model, the Mastervac Spraymaster 25 is ideal for
pressure washing a surface and suctioning it dry. This is
suitable for cleaning heavy carpets in nursing homes,
schools, offices, reception halls and the like. The
Spraymaster has a unique intelligent pressure switch to
help reduce the wear on the pump giving it a longer life.

Whether for home or workplace, Mastervac offers a
premium line of quality vacuum cleaners. Choose one
from a wide array of
Mastervac vacuum cleaner models to
best suit your needs.

Mastervac Vacuum Cleaner