Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Lindhaus vacuum cleaner is one product you couldn’t do
without in cleaning your house. In the commercial high-
end vacuum cleaner industry, one name stands out –
Lindhaus. A much revered family-owned Italian company,
Lindhaus has been manufacturing state of the art
vacuum cleaner motors for decades. Lindhaus has
decided to win over household vacuum cleaners by
going into the business in the last two decades.

Gracing the
Lindhaus vacuum cleaner lineup are
Diamante Electronic 300 and 380 series. These are recent
additions in the high quality home vacuum cleaner by
Lindhaus. The model 300 and model 380 are different
vacuum cleaners in terms of their total weight and
cleaning width. The 16-pound model 300 is an upright
vacuum type with 12 inches of cleaning width. The model
380 on the other hand has 15 inches of cleaning width
and a slightly heavier 17-pound body.

Both the model 300 and model 380 of the
vacuum cleaner
series have identical specifications. They
both have an electronically controlled two-motor design
which includes the 8.9 amp suction motor and 1.4 amp
brush motor. Having two separate motors to drive the
suction and brush roller exemplifies their durability. Here
you can have the ability to suction and sweep through
various surfaces without losing suction power over
heavy carpets or losing brushing power when working
hard. Both are designed as upright all-terrain vacuum
cleaners, which enable you to maneuver and reach areas
effectively. Plus, with a cord measuring 35 feet, you can
reach every corner of your house.

Being electronically controlled, the Diamante Electronic
Lindhaus vacuum cleaner series enables energy
efficiency. This is through controlling the stress on the
motors, wherein you can regulate the power amount to
be applied, using only the necessary power to deal with
the job on hand. For instance, you will not always have to
suction or brush hard on light surfaces unlike in heavy
surfaces. This is one energy-conserving feature that will
drop your electric bills after you replace your old vacuum
cleaners with these. The 8.9 amp suction motor and 1.4
amp brush motor are powerful enough to provide all out
hardcore cleaning.

The Diamante Electronic
Lindhaus vacuum cleaner
series has been proven and tested to meet the rigorous
demand of home and hospital sanitation. With an
impressive array of filtering systems, the series provides
active bacteria and allergen trapping mechanisms every
time you use the vacuums. You can also literally clean the
entire room including the air using the optional HEPA and
carbon filters for the vacuums.

Being an all terrain vacuum, the Diamante Electronic
Lindhaus vacuum cleaner series can surprisingly handle
carpets, stairs, bare floors, hardwood flooring, drapes,
upholstery, and even mattresses. These, along with other
special features, make the Diamante Electronic
vacuum cleaner
series an innovative cleaning gadget you
won’t want to miss.

Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaner