Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Ever heard of Hoover vacuum cleaners? In many parts of
the world the word Hoover means vacuum cleaner.
Cleaning has always been part of our lives.  Even people
living in caves have found ways to keep their areas tidy.  
The first means of cleaning were through the use of twigs
and sticks.  With the many chores that occupy a common
housewife in her home, inventions were continually
being introduced to make the simple chore of cleaning
less tedious. Who would have thought that years later a
machine that was intentionally used for sweeping the
floor would be invented in all shapes and sizes?

The first vacuum cleaners invented weighed almost a
hundred pounds and were too big to move around.  The
later designs introduced more choices.  In the early
1900s, when vacuum cleaners were gaining popularity
across America, a man named Murray Spangler built a
vacuum cleaner, (then called a ‘suction sweeper)
prototype intended to suck the dust to prevent his
allergies.  He convinced his cousin Susan Hoover to try
the machine by cleaning her house with it.  Susan was so
convinced that she and her husband, William Henry
Hoover began producing more of the Spangler design
and sold it across America. This was the beginning of the
Hoover vacuum.

Hoover vacuum cleaners were the most popular
brand sold in the United States, mainly because William
Henry Hoover offered buyers to use the sweeper for 10
days before they purchase it.  Since then, Hoover
became a household name: along with the latest home
appliances we now call a vacuum cleaner and the
Hoover vacuum cleaners bags.

The Hoover vacuum cleaners was the first to use both a
cloth filter bag, which is what we know now as the
Hoover vacuum cleaners bags, and cleaning
attachments.  An addition to this cleaner’s salability is its
weight. The
Hoover vacuum weighed only 40 pounds,
more than half of the original cleaners’ weight. In the UK,
Hoover vacuums were sold with the slogan “It beats as it
sweeps as it cleans,” attributed mainly to the beater bar
that came along with it.

From 1926 to the present, the Hoover vacuum has been
through model changes to increase the dirt removal
efficiency of the vacuum and its suction power.  
vacuum cleaners bags
have been the inspiration to all
vacuum cleaner bags that later followed.  This allowed
housewives to easily dispose of the collected dust and
then reattaching a new one to continue their tasks at

James Dyson’s vacuum design was originally offered to
the Hoover Company for manufacturing and product
release, however, the company declined.  Years later
when Dyson’s design turned out to be the best in the
world, Hoover announced that declining the Dyson
design was possibly their biggest regret.

Hoover vacuum cleaners bags are popular market
products, since housewives usually want an easier and
faster way to dispose of garbage.  With the use of
bags, it’s as easy as attaching and reattaching
the bag, turning on the vacuum cleaner and then start by
sweeping your rooms with it.  However, this can still be a
unwanted task when you have other things to do.  Later
they introduced the bagless
Hoover vacuum, which in
turn resulted to more portable and smaller vacuum
cleaner models. But this revolutionary invention would
not have been possible without the earlier vacuum
cleaners, one of which is
Hoover vacuum cleaner bags,
which have in one way or another made cleaning less of
a chore but more of a convenience. Housewives will
forever be thankful for this invention.  

 Hoover Vacuum Cleaner bags