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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners and Customer
Dyson vacuum cleaners are famous for their high power
cleaning ability. They are known for their bag less high
suction designs and technology. Many Dyson owners
consider their vacuums to be the best in the world.
Dyson has done a great job of marketing their vacuum
cleaners. Their vacuums are very expensive when
compared to other brands and again many owner feel
they are worth the price. They are marketed as the
answer to every pet owner’s need to control hair and
dandruff. When
Dyson vacuums are new out of the box
they do appear to do a very good job.

If you own a
Dyson vacuum cleaner and something
breaks then you would use your warranty to access the
repairs necessary. However you cannot do that with
Dyson vacuum cleaners. When use the phone to contact
them you are put on hold then given the ultimate run
around. Eventually you are told they will call you back
and guess what they never do. Several of people have
tried to get service for more than 4 months without any
resolution. It is obvious that when we called that the
people who answered our calls had no intention of
solving our problem. What all this means is that if you
purchase a
Dyson vacuum Cleaner you basically do not
have a warranty to back the product. If you own a Dyson
take good care of it so it does not break down.

OK so you do not need a warranty because you can fix
just about anything once you get the parts. Let’s say that
one of the many plastic parts breaks or the hose cracks
at the handle you can replace it easily. If you own a
Dyson vacuum cleaner you will have lots of cheap plastic
parts break over time. The problem is that you can not get
the Dyson to ship them to you. Some parts you cannot
order because this is no parts number for that part. When
you call back the standard answer is “your order was
cancelled “or “you will have to reorder it as we cannot
find your order”. If you find that hard to believe then just
check out the
Dyson vacuum cleaners reviews on
Amazon and some of the blogs.

That is another issue we have with
Dyson vacuum
reviews.  When we looked at all the reviews on
found on the net it was apparent that many of them were
being written by company agents. Let’s face it they just
are not written in a way that common people write.
Consumer reports and other consumer interests have
found that in testing there was little difference between
other bag less vacuum cleaner brands and
Vacuum cleaners.
Given the fact that you are spending a
lot of money for
Dyson vacuum cleaners you would
expect much better customer service.


Dyson Vacuum Cleaners