Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
From Hoover to Kirby to Bissell vacuum cleaners,
vacuums have provided the world with quality carpet
cleaning. However, take note that there have been many
vacuum brands that are sold in the market today that are
very much competitive. Like other vacuum cleaner
products sold commercially,
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners
have also been leaders of the vacuum industry.

At the beginning,
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners were not
called by the name that it goes by right now. It has
already been around alongside with its contemporaries,
which have also been doing well in the market for almost
a century.  
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners were originally a
hand vacuum model which became the largest selling
hand held vacuum cleaner in the United States since its
launch in the 1930s.  Back then, Royal appliances, the
company which owned the product, have successfully
sold these appliances to over 23 million households in
the United States alone.  

Mr. Greier, owner of the Royal appliance company, was
actually the first to produce the popular hand held
vacuum cleaners to the world.  In its early introduction, it
was known as the Royal Prince. A few years later, the
Greier owned company was then bought by the Scott
Organization.  After some more internal arrangements
within the company, it was bought from the Scott
organization by its own employees—Stan Erbor.

Despite the many organizational transitions, the already
successful product still led the hand held vacuum
cleaner race.  And up until the early 80’s when another
group of investors purchased the company, its profits
grew even more, climbing from $5 million to $400 million
dollars since its nineteen years of being in the market.  
Fast forward to 1984 when the hand held vacuum cleaner
was finally dubbed as the
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, the
name immediately stuck and has contributed to its
popularity even more.

Because of its portable design,
Dirt Devil vacuum
cleaners is an attractive choice for small but hard to
reach cleaning areas.  The mobility and size provides the
owner a new found ease with using vacuum cleaners,
which used to look like the classical upright models.  
Innovations with the design have given the public
another aspect of the
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, one that
does not only sweep carpets but also couches, seat
covers, etc.

Through the years, the Dirt Devil Company continues to
ensure its customers of the best models to choose from.  
From hand vacuums, carpet extractors, hard surface
Cleaners, canister vacuums, and stick vacuums, buying a
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is a great addition to home
appliances, because its built to last.  With a lot of features
to choose from,
Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are the best
choice for cleaning homes and offices, while giving you
the convenience which you desire. It is definitely the devil
for any dirt lying around your home.

 Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners