Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Cordless vacuums come in many shapes and sizes.
Basically there are two main cordless vacuum designs.
The handheld models are designed to pickup spills of dry
materials quickly. Depending on the model they use
vacuum power only to accomplish their job. Once the
spill is cleaned up the cordless vacuum is emptied into
the trash and it is returned to its charger. Handheld
cordless vacuums are very handy for a quick clean up on
a work bench or around the kitchen.
Cordless vacuums
also work very well for quick clean ups within your car or

cordless vacuums are designed to function as an
upright vacuum cleaner. These larger models may have
rotating brushes in addition to suction power. Basically
designed to be used in areas that need frequent clean
ups and where there is a lack of electrical power. Many
home owners use the larger cordless vacuums to clean
stairways due to their lightweight and maneuverability.
Due to the lack of power most
cordless vacuums do not
feature accessories that you would normally find on a
standard upright vacuum cleaner.  In general cordless
vacuums will work at full power for at least 30 minutes
with a full charged battery. Many models will perform for
longer periods at reduced power and efficiency. The size
and quality of the battery will determine how well and
how long any
cordless vacuum performs.

Cordless vacuums batteries need to be maintained
properly to assure that they perform well and last a long
time. Many batteries have memories in them and thus
need to be completely drained of power and recharged
for an extended time once every six months. If you intend
to use your
cordless vacuum for extended periods you
may want to consider purchasing a second battery pack
and charger. Care must be made not to drop your
cordless vacuums batteries as this will most likely
permanently damage them. Carefully read the
instructions concerning battery care and maintenance
within your
cordless vacuums users’ manual.

Cordless vacuums are a good investment due to their
relatively cheap pricing and ability to operate in areas that
do not have electricity. The cordless vacuums lightweight
and smaller size will allow you to do a better job of
cleaning your house or automobile. In many ways it is
really hard to beat cordless vacuums

Cordless Vacuums