Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
There are many types and brands of vacuum cleaners on
the market today. Most are designed for in home or light
duty cleaning in an office environment. Commercial
vacuum cleaners unlike household vacuums are
designed for heavy duty day in and day out use. Many
commercial vacuum cleaners experience as much use in
one month as a common household vacuum cleaner may
experience in its lifetime. Obviously a commercial
vacuum cleaner must be well made to endure such hard

Commercial vacuum cleaners are also generally
manufactured with larger and more powerful motors that
are designed to get the dirt and grime out of what in many
cases are very dirty environments. As a result
commercial vacuum cleaners are in generally much more
expensive than ordinary household vacuum cleaners. In
addition they have better warranties associated with

Depending on the type of commercial vacuum cleaner
you may find that they have specialized filters including
HEPA filters to protect the operators from the airborne
dust and dirt that can be exhausted into the air by the
vacuum cleaner. Commercial vacuum cleaners are used
in some environments that are at times covered with toxic
or hazardous materials. These specialized filters require
specialized handling in terms of replacement and
disposal. When these commercial vacuum cleaners are
serviced they also require specialized repair facilities to
make repairs. In addition when these specialized
commercial vacuum cleaners are worn out they go
through special disposal procedures.

If you are a homeowner you have the option to purchase
a commercial vacuum cleaner for your home or office.
Again you will have to lay out more money for a
commercial model however if you properly maintain and
care for your commercial vacuum cleaner it will most
likely last much longer than any household designed
model. In addition the more powerful motor will do a
much better job of cleaning your house or office. For
many home owners the purchase of a good quality
commercial vacuum cleaner is a good investment in there

 Commercial Vacuum Cleaners