Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Purchasing a quality vacuum is a great investment in the
upkeep and maintenance of your house or office. If you
have spent more than $150,000.00 to purchase your
house you should not be concerned about spending
$500 to $1000 to take care of it. In addition investing into a
vacuum will not only keep your house clean but
help to remove dangerous mold, dust, dirt and allergens.
Locating a quality
vacuum these days is relatively easy
due to the access to the Internet. However some
brands are only sold by door to door salesmen that come
to your house and conduct a demonstration. To some
people this is a great convenience but to others it is an
attempted scam artist trying to invade your privacy. The
positives beyond convenience come from being able to
see and use the
vacuum prior to making your purchase.
Purchasing a vacuum at a big box or department store is
relatively easy but you do not have the opportunity to
take it for a test drive prior to purchase. Each person will
have to consider the plus and minus factors when
considering this method of
vacuum purchase.

A powerful
vacuum will not only provide more suction
but also have enough power to run the accessories more
Vacuum power is normally measure in terms
of amps. Thus the higher the amps the more powerful the
vacuum is. The downside of a powerful vacuum is that it
will tend to weigh more that a less powerful model. This
may not be a problem if you live in a one story house that
does not have stairs to the upstairs and basement.
However cleaning a stairway with a heavy
vacuum can
be tough on you. As an alternative you could purchase a
cordless vacuum to do stairways or small
confined areas. Probably as important as cleaning power
is the
vacuums ability to remove dangerous pathogens
and allergens through the use of good filters. Any
vacuum that you are considering for purchase should
have at least a high volume HEPA filter. A good quality
vacuum will not only provide you with a clean house but
also a healthy one as well.

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