Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
Central Vacuums have been around for years in more
expensive homes and in commercial applications.
Basically the
central vacuum power unit is located away
from the areas to be cleaned in a central location hence
the name
central vacuum. The central vacuum unit is
usually located in the basement or garage and
occasionally in a separate structure out side the house or
building. Aluminum or reinforced plastic ducting is
installed throughout the house providing strategically
placed inlets in each main room. Installation of a
system is normally done during new house or
building construction. Retrofitting a house or office with a
central vacuum is normally cost prohibited. When it
comes time to clean a centrally located switch is thrown
and the remote unit creates a strong suction. A cleaning
unit comprised of a hose, wand and power head is
attached to the inlet. Usually there is an electrical outlet
adjacent to the inlet providing electricity to the power
roller or beater bar in the tool head. Cleaning then done in
a similar manner to that of using a
canister vacuum.
When the room is clean then the process is completed in
the next room until the whole house or office is cleaned.
Then the
central vacuum is turned off until needed again.

A major benefit of the
central vacuum is that the unit dust,
mold, allergens and pathogens are not reintroduced to
the room being cleaned. All vacuumed materials are
transported to a central location where they are
deposited. Many new
central vacuum units exhaust
directly to the outside which further removes the airborne
contaminants from the building. Units that do not exhaust
to the outside are also efficient in removing contaminants
through the use of HEPA filters. One disadvantage to
installing a
central vacuum is comes in the form of duct
maintenance. Ducts will need to be cleaned every couple
of years depending on the level of use. Normally cleaning
done using a brush on a snake that is run down each
duct while the system is running. This assures that the
suction remains strong throughout the house. In
central vacuum systems are relatively quiet
during operation. This is important if cleaning activities
must be done in office spaces during work hours. Most
people who have used or own
central vacuum units feel
they are the best way to clean.

Central Vacuum