Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
If you own a vacuum then you most likely will need a
supply of vacuum cleaner bags. Many new model
vacuums do not use vacuum cleaner bags but capture
dirt in a bin that is emptied into the trash. The problems
with these bagless vacuum cleaners is that they have
filters that must be cleaned each time you empty the bin.
This is a messy process that gets about as much dirt and
grime on you as was found on the floors before you
vacuumed. Vacuum cleaners that use vacuum cleaner
bags do a good job of filtering the dirt out and it is easy to
dispose of the full bag without all the mess. Good quality
vacuum cleaner bags will help your vacuum cleaner do a
good job of cleaning your house.

When you purchase your vacuum cleaner you usually
are given several vacuum cleaner bags. It is a good Idea
to make a note of what type of vacuum cleaner bags your
vacuum uses. It is also a good idea to locate the best
places to purchase your vacuum cleaner bags. Always
buy the best bags you can find for your vacuum cleaner
model. This generally means purchasing them from the
company that manufactured your vacuum cleaner.
However there are a number of companies that
manufacture vacuum cleaner bags for many different
brands of vacuums. Some of these companies do
produce good quality bags at a reasonable price. You
can generally find these vacuum cleaner bags in many
big-box stores or in some cases local grocery stores.

A vacuum will quit working or will have greatly reduced
suction once the vacuum cleaner bag becomes full. You
will be able to feel the full bag within the bag holder. It is
relatively easy to remove the full bag simply by sliding the
O ring up the bag chute and  sliding the bag off being
careful not to spill the contents. Close the end of the bag
and place it in the trash and you are ready for a new bag.
Simply place a new bag over the vacuum cleaner bag
chute then roll the O ring down to secure it. Zip up the
bag holder and are ready to continue cleaning. When you
first start the vacuum with a new vacuum cleaner bag it
will inflate the bag and your suction power will return to
normal levels. Vacuum cleaners that use vacuum cleaner
bags go a very good job of cleaning all floor

Vacuum Cleaner Bags