Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons
HEPA vacuum filters are the standard method used by
the top vacuum cleaner manufactures use to remove
dust, allergens, dust and mold from vacuum cleaner
exhaust air.
HEPA vacuums have  very high efficiency
filters that allow maximum suction air flow for cleaning
efficiency. If you suffer from allergies or respretory
problems you should only consider purchasing a
for your home or work space. All vacuum
cleaners return air used in the cleaning process to the
space being cleaned. Unless the air is properly filter it will
contain contaminants that will remain suspended in the
air for hours after cleaning.
HEPA vacuums will assure
that you house is not only clean but also healthy.

HEPA vacuums do cost more than non HEPA filtered
vacuum cleaners. However when compared to the cost of
your health it is a very good investment.
HEPA vacuums
also do an excellent of cleaning your house. There is little
of no difference between the suction power of
and vacuums with ordinary filters. If you own a
pet than you should always consider purchasing a
. Pet hair and dandruff are a tough problem for
most vacuum cleaners.
HEPA vacuums easily remove the
very fine pet dandruff that cause respritory problems for
many people. People who own
HEPA vacuums find that
upon examining their vacuums filter after cleaning are
amazed at the amount of fine particulate material the filter
removes. Obviously a
HEPA vacuum is better for your

HEPA Vacuums